Alice Winocour / France / Action, Drama / Subtitles / 106 minutes / 2019 / Colour

“Eva Green (Penny Dreadful) stars as Sarah, French astronaut at the European Space Agency, training for her first year-long mission aboard the International Space Station with a crew including old-school Russian, Anton (Aleksei Fateev), and Mike (Matt Dillon), a veteran American space cowboy. Aided by counsellor Wendy, Sarah prepares to deal with the emotional rupture, as she must leave her beloved seven year old daughter, to adapt to the conflict of her professional and personal choices, and the escalating challenges and physical stresses she must face in becoming a ‘space person’ in this very male environment. Shot at the European Space Agency and at Star City, Russia (the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre), the immensely talented director Alice Winocour (Disorder, Augustine) takes us on a contemplative, fascinating and richly observed journey, scored by legendary composer Ryūichi Sakamoto”. (Marie-Pierre Richard)

“Proxima pulls off an impressive balancing act between the personal and the astronomical… The moving mother-daughter story at its core gives all the space-walk prep and zero gravity logistics a steady emotional grounding…” The Hollywood Reporter

Fipresci Award, Toronto International Film Festival 2019; Special Jury Prize, San Sebastian International Film Festival 2019; Rotterdam International Film Festival 2020


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