The Right Honourable Councillor Kieran MCarthy

Ardmhéara Chorcaí

Councillor Deirdre Forde

The 35th Cork French Film Festival coincides with the arrival of spring and the opening up of budding daffodils across our city’s parks. Most noticeable is the Atlantic spring light, which dances upon the surfaces of our historic streets of our city.

The Cork French Film Festival also arrives to symbolically light up and activate the city’s festival offerings at the start of every spring. The festival is the first of several Cork festivals for 2024, which brings together many citizens to engage, to enjoy and to celebrate creativity through the arts and culture of the city.

Being the longest running French Film festival in Ireland it is an accolade that citizens are proud to have here in Cork. The board and staff of Alliance Française de Cork have guided the festival and created such a positive addition to the cultural life of our city.

In essence the Cork French Film Festival aims to celebrate and to discover all genres of French cinema. However, the festival also reminds us of the strong links and alliances between Cork and France – our strong friendship, our history and heritage, and our touristic, cultural and commercial partnerships, and much more.

Cork is home to many people of French origin who contribute and champion enormously to community building in our city. Such togetherness and solidarity are to be applauded.

I also wish to acknowledge the important work of the French Honorary Consul in Cork, Josselin Le Gall and Chairperson Valérie David-McGonnell in their respective roles, and also collectively as the Festival Directors.

We all look forward to supporting this year’s festival at the wonderful venue of The Arc Cinema, a dedicated home to the festival.


Bon festival et  bon succès!

Cllr Kieran McCarthy, Lord Mayor of Cork