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Tempête / Ride Above

(Recommended from Transition Year upwards)


Directed by Christian Duguay / France / 2022 / 110 mins / in French, with English subtitles

Adapted from French writer Christophe Donner’s novel Tempête au haras, this French film tells the story of Zoé’s life at her parents’ racehorse stables in Normandy, driven by the dream of someday becoming a jockey like her father.

But one stormy night, a terrible accident leaves her confined to a wheelchair. With the indefectible support of her family, the help of her therapist and under the guidance of Seb, a stable hand with a gift for communicating with horses, Zoé will endeavour to make her dream come true.

  • Tickets for this film cost €7 per student.
  • Accompanying teachers are free, but numbers of both students and teachers must be included with your booking request.
  • Bookings are through email only. You will be issued a booking form on request which should then be returned. The booking is only confirmed once the form is completed and returned as per the Arc Cinema’s/Gate Cinema’s instructions.
  • Early booking is recommended due to high demand. Deadline: 28th February.

Cork City, Arc Cinema (North Main Street, Cork)

5th & 7th March 10.30 am
Booking: cork@arccinema.ie

Midleton, Gate Cinema

5th & 7th March 10.30 am
Booking: thegatemidleton@corkcinemas.com

Mallow, Gate Cinema

7th March 10.30 am
Booking: thegatemallow@corkcinemas.com

School screenings supported by the AIPLF (Irish Association of French-Language Teachers).
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