Credits for the 32nd Cork French Film Festival:

Alliance Française de Cork

John Mullins, Board Director and President

Grace Neville, Board Director and Vice-President

Josselin Le Gall, Board Director & Festival Co-Director

Valérie David-McGonnell, Board Director & Festival Co-Director

Pascal Lucas, Board Director

Philippe Grosbois, Board Director

Festival Programming

Mick Hannigan

Úna Feely

Festival Production

Green Ray Film Agency

Online Festival Manager

Peter Zemek

Online Administrator

Faustine Favier

PR & Communications

Healy Communications


Darragh Kane

Brochure Design

Double Marvellous


Jaywin Design

Festival Trailer

Sandymount Productions

Sound: Tony Langlois

Gate Cinema Cork

Our sincere gratitude to the Gate Management and Staff