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The 33rd Cork French Film Festival will be launched aboard the Belem which will be in Cork on 30th August, five years after her last visit to Ireland.


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The Belem moored at Albert Quay during her last visit to Cork in July 2017.

This stunning French three-masted barque which was built in 1896 was first used as a merchant ship, then a yacht and later a school ship. Her former owners included Sir Arthur Ernest Guinness who renamed her Fantôme II and cruised around the world with his family in the 1920s.

In 1979 the Belem returned to its country of origin when she was purchased by the Caisse d’Epargne, with the support of the French Navy. The Belem is today a French sail training ship and she obtained the title of Historical Monument in 1984.

We are very grateful to Captain Mathieu Combot, the Fondation Belem and its representative Stephan Delaux for welcoming us onboard for the official launch of our 2022 Cork French Film Festival.