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Stéphane Manchematin, Serge Steyer / France / Documentary / Subtitles / 91 minutes / 2019 / Colour

“I live in a world of sounds” comments Marc Namblard in this fascinating documentary about the acoustic dimension of nature and the art and act of listening and collecting sounds. Namblard is a sound engineer and artist living with his family on the edge of a forest in the Vosges mountains in France. We learn about his family, his childhood and how Marc’s father has been his guiding hand, and, in turn, how he shares his dedication and passion with his daughter. We share in his sound expeditions, witnessing his approach, as he captures the sound of a bee rubbing its legs together, the persistent drumbeat of marching ants, the songs of nocturnal animals, the sound of ice cracking beneath a frozen lake. Through these recordings, we enter a world of sounds that we have never heard before.” (Marie-Pierre Richard)

“Namblard’s work is one of the jewels that sound-art could have. Throughout the film, we accompany Namblard in his admiration and sound-philia. There’s a new knowledge, a discovery, sounds of nature with rythm, intensities, tones, that orchestrate organically, and attune us to our natural surroundings, appreciated with photographic postcards, and then sound postcards. In The Stillness of Sounds offers a wondrous appreciation of nature’s ecosystem.” Desistfilm

Cinéma du Réel, 2019; Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2019

Presented in partnership with Cork Environmental


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