The Three Musketeers – Part 2: Milady / Les trois Mousquetaires, 2e partie : Milady

Les trois Mousquetaires, 2e partie : Milady
The Three Musketeers – Part 2: Milady

Date & Time: Sunday 10th at 8:30pm
Details: Martin Bourboulon | France | 2023 | 121 mins |French with English subtitles
Genre: Action, adventure, history
Starring: François Civil, Vincent Cassel, Pio Marmaï, Romain Duris, Eva Green, Louis Garrel, Vicky Krieps
Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO)


“The Three Musketeers: Milady picks up where the first film left off, the atmosphere at court thick with treasonous plotting, after a foiled attempt on the life of the king (Louis Garrel, stealing every scene with his air of bewigged ennui). D’Artagnan, abducted and facing torture at the hands of the granite-faced henchman of the Comte de Chalais, forms a temporary alliance with Milady. Meanwhile, war has been declared and the Musketeers head to the front at the port of La Rochelle, where a bracingly vigorous action sequence follows a daring assault on a fort.

If anything, this follow-up is even more enjoyable, its appeal boosted by Milady slinking on to centre stage, her weaponized sexuality backed up by her private collection of daggers and swords.” Wendy Ide, The Guardian