Ride Above / Tempête

Ride Above


Date & Time: Saturday 9th at 11:00am

Details: Christian Duguay / France / 2022 / 110 mins

Starring: Mélanie Laurent, Pio Marmaï, Carmen Kassovitz

Age: 8+

Born and raised with horses, Zoe leads a happy life at her parents’ racehorse stables in Normandy. This uplifting tale tells her story as she dreams someday about becoming a jockey like her father. When the stables prize mare, Beautiful Intrigue, gives birth to a foal, Zoe names him Tempest, and she is the first to see the champion in him that her parents have been waiting and working for all their lives.

Following a life-changing accident, Zoe’s life and that of her family, is entirely changed, and her jockey dreams all but gone. With the help of a special stable hand with a gift for communicating with horses, Zoe seeks to conquer the impossible, in pursuit of her dream.


“Not since a teenage Elizabeth Taylor rode her steed to victory in National Velvet has a film about a kid and a horse proven so effective.” Hollywood Reporter