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Dominik Moll / France-Germany / Thriller, Drama / Subtitles / 116 minutes / 2019 / Colour

“Evelyne Ducat (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) has disappeared mysteriously during a blizzard in the isolated Causse Méjean plateau in Southern France. Five stories ensue and intertwine, spanning continents as we follow five characters, all unexpectedly caught up in the mystery. Those familiar with the work of director Dominik Moll (Harry, he’s hereto help; Lemming) will know the types of twist to expect in this intense study of human behaviour and the emotional despair that drives it. Each character reveals their secrets, fantasies, disappointment and disillusionment, all with fascinating connections. Based on Colin Niel’s novel, which evokes our modern world and the global interconnectedness that can bind a person from rural France to another from the Ivory Coast; two worlds that seem opposed at first glance.” (Marie-Pierre Richard)

“Edgy, elusive and enthralling at the outset, Moll flirts with Rashomon-style perspectives in a remote French farming community to bracing effect.”  Screen International

Venice International Film Festival 2019; BFI London Film Festival 2019


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