Hélène Giraud, Thomas Szabo / France / No dialogue / 89 minutes / 2018 / Colour

We are delighted to welcome family audiences to see this beautiful animation film. With no dialogue, young audiences can enjoy the fun story while still appreciating a French way of making films come to life.

“When the first snowflakes start falling, everybody is busy stocking up on supplies for winter so nobody notices a ladybird getting caught in a parcel destined for the Caribbean! Time for the rescue team to get ready… an ant, a ladybird and a black spider travel to the other end of the world to save her. A Minuscule Adventure, the sequel to Minuscule: Valley of Lost Ants (2015 César, Best Animation Film), continues to follow our intrepid adventurers, this time on a new journey where they encounter the dangers and pleasures of exploration at the heart of the jungle. Set in Guadeloupe (French West Indies), and completely without dialogue or narration, the film draws on the incredible biodiversity of the island for inspiration – paradise beaches, spectacular cliff plunges, luxuriant rainforests with tangled liana and incredible microfauna – as our heroes continue their quest, reaching beyond personal limits!”
(Marie-Pierre Richard)

“Giraud and Szabo have nailed the formula with lovely buzzy bug vocals and a wonderfully inventive soundscape… the film’s gentle magic worked a treat.
”The Guardian”


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