Paris 1900

Date & Time: Saturday September 4th / 1.00pm

Location: The Gate Cinema

Details: Nicole Védrès / France / 1947 / 71 mins

Premiere: Irish Premiere

Synopsis: This charming and authentic documentary shows Paris through unique archival footage, immersing us in a range of politic, social and artistic stories from 1900 to 1914. A city of artists in La Belle Epoque is unspooled, with unique and little seen footage of key figures in the cultural life of the city and international figures. Often held up as a key example of how to edit film, Alain Resnais worked on the film as assistant director. A classic example of the historical montage film, Paris 1900 is both a visual chronicle of a great city and a meditative essay about the passing of time.

“Nicole Vedrès and her little unit have achieved something immensely beautiful that shatters the visual conventions of cinema as profoundly as Marcel Proust’s oeuvre succeeded in transforming the novel.” – André Bazin.

“I owe everything to Nicole Vedrès.” – Chris Marker.

Presented with the support of the French Embassy in Ireland and Institut Français.