Goddess Of The Fireflies

Goddess Of The Fireflies

Date & Time: Friday September 3rd / 6.00pm

Location: The Gate Cinema

Details: Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette / Canada / 2020 / 105 mins

Starring: Kelly Depeault, Caroline Néron, Normand D’Amour

Premiere: Irish Premier

Awards: Official Selection Berlin Film Festival, 2021

Synopsis: Growing up in the spectacular chaos of the teenage grunge scene in rural Quebec, sixteen-year-old Catherine is given the book Christiane F and permission to go to the mall. It’s also the day her father deliberately drives her mother’s Jeep into a wall. It’s 1994, Kurt Cobain has left the building, Pulp Fiction has just been released and Catherine’s parents are going through a scorched-earth divorce. Doing her best not to care, Catherine is busy coping with the school bully and climbing the social ladder, eager to learn everything. From one misadventure to the next, she finds her gang and sets off to explore the world with no opportunity left unturned. At the heart of this coming-of-age story is the astounding performance of newcomer Kelly Depeault, who crafts an authentic portrayal of Catherine in all her tender misadventure.

“What Barbeau-Lavalette puts on-screen, is a truth beyond cause and effect. It’s our youthful desire to be free.” – Film Stage.