Date & Time: Saturday Sept 3rd / 8.30pm

Location & Tickets: The Gate Cinema

Details: Bruno Dumont / 133 mins

Starring: Léa Seydoux, Blanche Gardin, Benjamin Biolay

Synopsis: Paris, today. France de Meurs is a star journalist running between a television set, a distant war and the hustle and bustle of her busy family life. Her frantic high-profile world is suddenly turned upside down after a traffic accident. This unexpected disruption of reality calls everything into question. As France attempts to slow down and retreat into a simple anonymous life, her fame continues to pursue her until a mystified love affair comes her way. Director Dumont questions the hypocrisy of creating glamorous news and a media circus that walks a thin line between exploitation and information.

“Big ideas – modern media and its manipulations; immigration and income inequality; privacy and voyeurism – bubble around in this tasty and nutritious bouillabaisse of a film” – The Washington Post.