Mr. Blake At Your Service / Complètement cramé !

Complètement cramé !
Mr Blake At Your Service


Date & Time: Friday 8th at 6:15pm

Details: Gilles Legardinier / France / 2023 / 100 mins

Starring: Fanny Ardant, John Malkovich, Émilie Dequenne


In this comedy romance Mr. Blake (Malkovich), a recently widowed British businessman, takes a job as a butler in a faded manor house in France, close to where he and his late wife spent the early days of their romance.

The manor, along with its owner and staff, are all just as badly off as he is. But unlike Mr. Blake, who has come merely to collect his thoughts, the other protagonists are in the throes of tackling their respective personal problems.

The arrival of this very British guest will be a turning point for the eccentric lady of the manor (Fanny Ardant) and her exhausted staff. Blake will spur them back to life, prompting them to restore the manor’s former beauty and revive their individual quests. The result will be a new lease of life for the estate and for each of those living on it.


Mr Blake - Fanny Ardant Image