Dillili In Paris

Family Film: Dilili in Paris

Date & Time: Sunday 12th at 11:00am

Location & Tickets: The Gate Cinema

Details: Michel Ocelot / France / 2018 / 97 mins / Animation

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Synopsis: Dilili arrives in turn-of-the-century Paris as a stowaway on a ship. She is immediately taken under the wings of Orel, a kind-hearted delivery boy who seems to know every major figure in French science, art, music, and literature. Among those they visit are Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, Emma Calvé, Sarah Bernhart, Toulouse-Lautrec, Claude Debussy, Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Colette, and others.

With the help of her friend, she investigates a spate of mysterious happening that is plaguing Belle Époque Paris. In the course of her investigation she encounters a series of extraordinary characters, each of which provides her with clues that will help her in her quest… After Kirikou and Azur & Asmar, Michel Ocelot returns with an enchanting new tale of brave young heroes, mysteries and discoveries, extraordinary places and magical encounters, in which good must challenge dark forces and triumph.

“An adventure tale with an empowering message, this delightful family film is also an ode to The City of Light and to French culture and history.” – Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

César Award for Best Animated Film (2018).