Autour De Minuit – Best of Shorts

Autour De Minuit – Best of Shorts

Date & Time: Saturday September 4th / 6.00pm

Location: The Gate Cinema

Details: We present this quite brilliant animated short film programme from Paris based producer Autour de Minuit as they celebrate their 25th anniversary.


Hendrick Dusollier / France / 2004 / 12 mins

In one single shot, Obras is a poetic and graphic journey through time and space, exploring Barcelona’s wild irreversible destruction and reconstruction. In a virtual 3D space, Obras offers a plastic interpretation of urban mutations.


Edouard Salier / France / 2005 / 10 mins

The Empire unveils everything but sees nothing. Its enemies idealize everything but tolerate nothing. What if it all came down to flesh?
Selected at over 60 international festivals and winner of Best Short film at Gijon and Best Animated short film at Sonar.


François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy, Ludovic Houplain / France / 2009 / 16 mins

Spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city, and even more in Logorama! Winner of numerous awards including a César and Academy Award .


Rosto / France, Belgium / 2018 / 14mins

Everything is different, but nothing has changed. A trip in a submerged labyrinth, made of dreams and memories.

Scenery (Decorado)

Alberto Vázquez / Spain, France / 2016 / 11 mins

The world is a wonderful stage, but its characters are disgraceful.


Donato Sansone / France / 2018 / 4 mins

In the beginning was the Stain. A paintbrush reveals a being of gouache, opens him, transforms him, twists him, completes him. From this accelerated evolution arises a conquering being…


David Coquard-Dassault / France / 2015 / 12 mins

A journey into the heart of a large and abandoned council estate. Peripheria portrays an urban environment becoming wild: a modern Pompeii where the wind blows and dogs roam, tailing the remains of human life.