Cézanne and I

Cézanne et moi

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Cézanne and I
16.00 Sunday 12th March @

This sumptuous 19th-century period drama stars Guillaume Gallienne as post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne and Guillaume Canet as Émile Zola.

Danièle Thompson’s sixth feature charts the decade-long friendship and eventual fallout between Cézanne, who was born into a wealthy family but struggled to make a living as a painter, and Zola, who came from a family of more straitened circumstances but achieved fame and prosperity as a politically-engaged novelist.

Despite their differences, the pair form a strong bond and both move to Paris to continue their careers. However, when a character in Zola’s latest book seems to be based on Cezanne’s struggles as a painter, the pair clash and their relationship soon becomes strained.

Thompson meticulously recreates the world these two titans lived in, including stunning Parisian interiors and many scenes set in Provence with flowered fields and mountainscapes shot in ways that evoke the environment that inspired the great painter.”

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French with English subtitles

Running time

117 mins