This year’s Festival presents four films which look at the lives of French historical figures, celebrating their work, life and legacy.

1. The Odyssey (L’Odyssée)

The festival opens with a high profile biopic The Odyssey bringing to the screen the life of the legendary French underwater explorer Cousteau.

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2. Chocolat

Unlike in other years, this year the opening night of the Festival has a second film Chocolat celebrating the legacy of ‘the first black performer to become a major popular hit in France and a key figure in its awakening as a multicultural nation’ (The New Yok Times)

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3. Cézanne and I

This sumptuous 19th century period drama tells the story of a decade-long friendship and eventual fallout between painter Paul Cézanne and novelist Émile Zola, with director Danièle Thomson meticulously recreating the world these two titans lived in.

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4. Les Saveurs du Palais

A true story of Hortense Laborie’s appointment as President François Mitterrand’s head chef at the Elysée Palace. It’s a huge honour and great opportunity for the well-respected chef, but jealousy and traps await around every corner of power corridors…

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Excellent Festival à tous!